A Borderlands 2 Damage-Per-Minute Calculator

So, I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 with my son lately, and comparing weapons has been bugging me. There are a bunch of factors, and it’s a hassle juggling them in your head as you compare every single one.

But then I realized: Tableau could juggle *for* me.

Borderlands 2 Damage Per Minute Calculator

So here it is, my Borderlands 2 DPM calculator tool:

Borderlands 2 Damage Per Minute Tool

The tool isn’t terribly fancy, but it *does* work. The cool part is that building the tool only took a few minutes. This is where Tableau can shine – in quick-and-dirty visualizations that you build on the fly to solve a single problem.

Well, that, and in those giant, enterprise-level stories where you get a Big Reveal at the end!


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