Seminoles Most Overhyped CFB Team since 2000

over- and underrated teams by decade

As college football wraps up with all its bowl-ey goodness, it seemed a good time to share my all-time overrated and underrated tool.

The tool shows that for the “decade” since 2000, Florida State has been dramatically overrated – at least by this measure.

Feel free to explore. Here are some tool options:

  • Click on any of the teams in the list to pull up their detailed results, and see *how* they got their score.
  • You can also click on the drop-down to see a team’s results.
  • Select a different decade – or look at the all-time results by choosing “all” decades.
  • Sensitivity helps choose how detailed the ranking list is. Adjust it to fit your tolerance for list crowding.

California vs. The World

The Reveille put up our latest update on the Associated Press college football rankings ( ), and beyond showing that one voter pegged the Tigers as the 20th-best team in the country on his ballot this week, I found some interesting results in the pollster sentiment maps for Stanford, Ohio State and Baylor. The sentiment map is simple — it averages the ballot ranks for pollsters in a given state, then compares the states to one another to see where pollsters live who love a team, and where the ones live who hate a team.

This week, the most interesting thing I found in the weekly sentiment maps is the impression they can give of a California championing Stanford against a nation more keen on Ohio State or Baylor.Image

After checking out Stanford and their west coast support, compare that to the map for Ohio State:


Or you could look at Baylor, which is quite similar (at least at first glance) to the map of sentiment generated for Ohio State:

Now, sentiment maps like this aren’t proof of regional bias… But if regional bias *does* exist, we would certainly expect to see it in the map. More updates as the season continues!Image

College Football Ranking Sentiment Map

Knowing where your team ranks each week is only half the battle – the other half is knowing *why* they ranked the way they did.

Map of rankings AP pollsters assigned Missouri, broken down by where pollsters live

Map of rankings AP pollsters assigned Missouri, broken down by where pollsters live

My new tool for the Reveille shows rankings, who voted for each team, and even puts together a national sentiment map to show where the voters live who love your team, as well as where on the map you’re not getting any love at all.

Here’s a link to my tool:

Here’s the story on the Reveille:

Not sure why my earlier post went away, but WordPress seems to enjoy doing that to me. Here’s hoping this post stays intact, so everyone can enjoy, share, and explore.

Oh – and be on the watch for a similar tool come basketball season!