Reveille Ranks

Today I’m experimenting with seeing whether I could use Tableau for a fairly non-Tableau task: Presenting a searchable, sortable list of reviews built from the entertainment reviews at the Reveille. Initially, I didn’t think it could be done at all. However, after some experimentation, I am starting to wonder whether it might, in fact, be possible. There would be some elbow grease involved, but not an excessive amount.

I’ve created an Excel spreadsheet with some reviews in it, and will include a link to the Tableau display based on it. Please bear in mind that this is a work in progress – if you’re looking at this display early on Tuesday, odds are it’s not done yet. Pretend you didn’t see it.

Tableau Table of Daily Reveille Reviews

Soon I’ll start training on all the things I’ll need to do to handle my new job as Web editor for the Daily Reveille. This Tableau data is a side project as part of that job. I doubt it’ll end up being incorporated, but we won’t know if this is a good approach until I explore it.


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