A Viz about Vizzes

I’ve committed to Tableau as my primary tool, and I’d like to think I’ve learned how to use it, but just how much progress have I objectively made?

I figured I’d use Tableau and find out.


To me, the thing that jumps out is the audience lag. My “production mountain” shows all the work I’ve done, in terms of the cumulative number of worksheets and dashboards I’ve designed in Tableau over time. Cumulative views, on the other hand, shows how many views I’ve gotten based on the date I published various visualizations. I hit 100 total sheets in October of 2013, yet I didn’t hit my first chunk of views until late January, 2014 – approximately a 3 month delay. Apparently, I needed practice before I properly figured out how to publish tools worth eyeballs.

I also have a bubble map showing my most popular visualizations.This one is colored by time, using a heat map scheme – so the most recent visualizations will have a more brick-red color with older visualizations fading out toward blue.

I already mentioned my two area charts – Production Mountain and Cumulative Views Over Time. These are both running totals, one showing how many sheets I’ve designed in Tableau (individual sheets inside projects I’ve published), and the other showing how many views my visualizations have garnered.

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