Oh, Oreo

It’s funny, as a celiac, I haven’t been able to eat an Oreo cookie in years.Image Yet they still hold a warm spot in my heart. I don’t even remember when I became their fan on Facebook, or why, but at some point I started noticing them on my news feed. Always innocuous, yet just a little bit clever, or interesting, or heartwarming. Compared with other companies, like Sears, where I sometimes felt like I was being pitched something, Oreo seemed intent on just being, well, nice. Frankly, I appreciate it. My only real complaint is that these posts don’t always show up on my feed. That’s probably Facebook’s fault; or mine. The one thing I’d love to see out of you, Oreo, is something I know you’re probably scared of: A little more bite. Some edginess. The rainbow Oreo was a nice first step. Taking the occasional good-natured stand could be a great thing for all of us. Nice doesn’t have to be meek.

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