Digging into my own data


Detailed analytics on the sad, sad state of affairs in my most recent brand awareness campaign. Market penetration isn’t what I’d like it to be.


Poverty in Asia

GEOG1003I created several visualizations of gross national income (relative affluence of nations), shown by a “temperature” color scheme which runs from a cold aquamarine up to a hot brick red.


The visualization also covers human development index, with human silhouettes. The size of the sillhouette indicates relative HDI for each country.


And, here’s a link to a global version of the map:



I’m sure similar visualizations have been done before, but I believe this is a very effective way to present this particular data.



Oh, Oreo

It’s funny, as a celiac, I haven’t been able to eat an Oreo cookie in years.Image Yet they still hold a warm spot in my heart. I don’t even remember when I became their fan on Facebook, or why, but at some point I started noticing them on my news feed. Always innocuous, yet just a little bit clever, or interesting, or heartwarming. Compared with other companies, like Sears, where I sometimes felt like I was being pitched something, Oreo seemed intent on just being, well, nice. Frankly, I appreciate it. My only real complaint is that these posts don’t always show up on my feed. That’s probably Facebook’s fault; or mine. The one thing I’d love to see out of you, Oreo, is something I know you’re probably scared of: A little more bite. Some edginess. The rainbow Oreo was a nice first step. Taking the occasional good-natured stand could be a great thing for all of us. Nice doesn’t have to be meek.